Adults Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

At K I Salem, we understand that adults generally have different goals and interests from those of our younger students. Adults engage in Martial Arts training for a wide variety of reasons but generally share the common interest of self improvement. Recognizing this we separate our instruction into 3 separate programs – children, teens, and adults – to provide an interesting and safe environment for all of our practitioners.

Our adult program caters to students 18 and up. Adult students come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and levels of ability. Whether you are interested in self defense, relieving stress, losing weight, or just looking for a new way to exercise, our program will suit your needs. Every student is unique and walks his or her own path. Our instructors have spent a lifetime training in martial arts and learned long ago that each training session is an opportunity to grow and learn, for both students and teachers alike.

We have a program that will suit your needs. We offer programs in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) (both gi and no gi), Boxing, and Kickboxing. Adult students who train in any of our programs are also welcome to join our Mixed Martial Arts class.

If you are interested in a safe, respectful place for you or your children to learn more about our martial arts programs, we invite you to browse our webpage. Or better yet, come visit us and see what we have to offer.